Best Effective Driving Safety Tips


So, you may be a new driver, you may be an experienced driver, you may be going on a long road trip for the first time, whatever it may be, you need to make sure one thing is protected. You. There is only one thing in that vehicle that is priceless. That’s you. Too many times have I personally witnessed serious injuries, and even deaths from auto accidents. All because they took safety as an exaggeration and not as important. It’s always important to have effective driving safety tips. 


Well, I too was guilty of this. I was always the one saying  ‘’Oh we’re just going around the block or down the street. I’ll be ok.’’ Well, that all ended once my friend ran a stoplight, crashed, and gave me a severe concussion. I didn’t know who I was or where I was. Scary feeling. Let’s put a stop to this for good. Here are some effective driving safety tips to remember!


Always Buckle Your Seat-belt


All because I didn’t put my seat-belt on and sit back in the seat. It’s the little things that could have prevented injury and that day’s chaos. In 2014 nearly 2.2 million injuries were car accidents. Here’s a better stat. Nearly 1.1 million of those injuries could have been avoided by simply strapping on your seat-belt. Come again? That’s right. Just about 50% of those injuries would not have happened by taking two seconds to click it.


Adjust Your Steering Wheel Height | Tips for Safe Driving


Believe it or not, this is an overlooked step that should be addressed. We as drivers are required to have control at all times because, at any point, anything can happen. According to science, the appropriate height for any driver and it’s steering wheel is to have it equal level with their shoulders for maximum control in the time of reaction. Having your wheel leveled with your arms and shoulders gives the body and broader range of motion. Basically, it can be the difference in you edging that wall on the highway and totaling your car at 80 mph compared to getting away with just a swerve.

Purchase Grip Tires


No matter the season, no matter the circumstance, stopping has everything to do with brakes and tires. Your car will not stop if your tires cannot get a grip of the road. Some people assume your tires can only be a liability in the winter months with ice. Wrong. Any season with rain can also be a threat for bad tires. There are some cases where a bald tire meets a bald road. That is when turmoil erupts and you begin to slide into what seems like an uncontrollable demise. One of the worst feelings is not having control of a vehicle even for a split second. However, this can be avoided by investing in decent grip tires.


Adjust Mirrors To Fit Blind Spots | Tips for Safe Driving


You can be the best driver on the road, the most prepared and the safest. That is all good. However, if you can’t see all the areas around your car at any time, you’re in trouble. Fix your mirrors so that you can see the side of your car and the road on both sides. This eliminates any possible blind side. There is a reason why people don’t like driving beside semis. They are famously known for having blind spots and driving with only partial vision. The danger is literally in the name. ‘’Blind’’. Would you ever drive on the highway with a blindfold on? I don’t think so. It honestly is that drastic.


When you’re driving it is key to focus in on your surroundings and to always be aware of possible   dangers. Dangers such as drivers with their phones out. Whenever a driver is on their phone, regardless of how good they are, their attention is not fully on the road. These are the reasons why it is getting harder and harder to keep death and accident rates down. Safety while driving should be the main priority at all times. Maybe you can’t answer a person’s questions at the moment because you’re trying to get over. Oh well. Put first things first. Maybe you can’t listen to that new hit song on the radio you’ll get distracted. Tough luck. Put important things first and then everything else comes later.


Always Use Your Signals


This is huge. I can tell you from experience how close you’ll come to crashing if you do not use your signals. The driver behind you has no clue what your next move is. So if you’re going 80 mph and you drastically go down to 40 to make a turn, chances are the driver behind you will end up in a tough position. Using your signals allows people behind you to prepare for whatever move you make. One thing that may go unnoticed is how at nights sometimes that’s all people see of your vehicle. So if you’re making sudden movements and lane switches without alerting the others, it can lead to damages.


Summary | Driving Safety Tips


I’m sure you know the saying ‘’It’s better to be safe than sorry’’. Well, that applies here more than anything. However, this time you’re protecting your life and others. Driving is a privilege that many have. It is also a privilege we take for granted. Whenever you are driving, stay focused on the goal at hand which should always be getting to your destination safely. I appreciate you taking your time and visiting us here! Thank you very much. I hope you can use these driving safety tips and even pass them on to continue making the world a safer place.


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