Car Shuts Off While Driving | What Do You Do?

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By far, one of our biggest fears is not being prepared for the unknown. We go day after day chasing the ability to be consistent in our daily lives. In other words, we work, day after day, so that one day we never have to worry about bills or financial issues at all. When in reality, most of us work paycheck to paycheck because pleasure and lack of discipline grab us and refuse to let go. We try very hard to ease the grip with saving apps that never hold true and other countless temporary ideas we have. Until one day, we are provided with a sure-fire plan that is bound to stick. No app, no consultant.

Just a simple wake-up call.  

Wake-up calls are by far the most effective forms of getting someone or yourself in the habit of doing something consistently. It makes you aware that the situation you’re currently in, is something you never want to ever be in again. There are many instances of wake-up calls. Some quick, some intense, some dangerous and some embarrassing. Picture this;

You’re driving in your used vehicle that has for the most part always been reliable and dependable. You’ve ignored the dashboard lights and assumed it was wiring issues for the last 6 months. You’ve driven it without getting proper maintenance done on it or proper check-ups. You’re going down a street and then like clockwork, your car begins to shake, squeal, smoke and slow down. You pull over to the side of the road with worry and shock in your heart. You get out, and without any hesitation, you pop the hood only to realize you have no clue what to look for. So, your mind is now going 100 miles an hour and you have no idea where to start.

What To Do When Your Car Shuts Off While Driving

Call Your Insurance Company – More than likely you’re paying for roadside assistance along with other coverages. Now, this doesn’t mean they are a mobile mechanic. Typically, they can give you a tow, jump your battery, put air in your tire, change your tire, etc. Basically, all of the quick tasks to get you back on the road. Depending on if the issue is bigger than a simple battery jump, you may have to have it towed to the nearest mechanic of your choice.

Always Carry Quick Aid Items – There are many insurance companies that do not offer those services, and there are many people who do just don’t want to pay extra for that. With that being said, it is important to always be prepared for the small things. If you own a vehicle long enough, chances are you’ll experience a flat tire, dead battery, low oil alerts, etc. In case those things occur, carry jumper cables with you, a simple air pump and extra oil. These are simple fixes that can save you hundreds.

Always Carry Body Protection – No, I do not mean weapons of mass destruction. I simply mean items such as a blanket, portable heater, phone battery pack, and extra nutrition. This may sound drastic for a simple car shut off; however, you never know when and where that car may begin to shut down. Sure, if you’re downtown at 2 PM you can get help easier, but if you’re driving at 3 AM in the middle of nowhere and it’s cold outside, things get a bit tougher. So, you never know; always better to be safe than sorry.

Check First Things First – More than likely if your vehicle randomly shuts down, it may have something to do with either your alternator, battery connections, spark plugs, or lack of fluids in the engine. In this case, do a quick check on your battery. Check to see if it has any built-up corrosion on the coils and if it has power. If you put the key in the ignition and no lights or sounds occur, that’s a clear signal. If you have not had your fluids changed and topped off in the last few months, you could be running dry. In that case, the car can overheat, shut down and create future problems. So, check the main parts first to see if the problem can be addressed in that moment.

Lastly, Be Patient & Never Panic – The worst thing you can do to your mind is to make the situation appear worse than what it really is. It worsens the situation due to your inability to think straight or strategically while in the moment of panic. Whenever in this situation, stay calm and remain level-headed.

Summary | Car Shuts Off While Driving

Having your vehicle stop while driving is one of the most embarrassing yet fearful moments you can ever experience. The embarrassment doesn’t need an explanation; however, it can cause you to wonder and ask many questions when that moment arrives. Is my car done? Do I have the money for repairs? Will I get home in time? Why is this happening to me? Things happen, it’s how you handle the current situation in the moment that determines the outcome. You now know how to handle yourself in this situation.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn these important safety precautions. Also, if you wish to sell your vehicle for instant cash with top dollar offers, fill out our offer form today!