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Car maintenance tips


There’s no better feeling in life than knowing you’re secured no matter what happens. Right? I mean think about it. Look around you. Almost all of your important items have some sort of protection or coverage that limits what any outside force can do to it. The reason is simple. Always protect your assets because they help you. Back in the day before there were any identity thefts and fraud, typically the only way someone could take your belongings was to literally take them from you physically.


Now, throw it forward into today, people can access your information through technology and many other forms. So it’s very important to have protection now more than ever.


Your Cell Phone – Most people have a case protecting their cellular device from falls, accidentally sitting on it. Why? Because it is valuable and important in your daily life.


Your Money – Most people have a wallet that protects their money from falling out, getting stolen, rain, etc. It is very important to protect the things that are valuable so that you don’t risk losing them or damaging them.


Your Body –  If you really think about it, we protect our body from the cold weather, the hot weather, the wet weather, irritation etc.  


Now, what if I told you that all of the small things that are being protected for some reason mean more to many people than their transportation itself. People purchase a vehicle, take good care of your car for a couple of weeks, get seat covers, regular cleaning sessions, etc. Then around that 3rd week, casualty hits and the vehicle begins it’s slow but sure decline. So now weeks and weeks later you’re left looking to sell your car for cash because you weren’t able to keep it in the shape you bought it in.


You’re no longer keeping the car clean inside and out as frequently as you used to. You’re no longer doing weekly mechanical checks, you’re no longer worrying about your vehicle as much as you used to. With the lack of attention and care comes to decay, problems, and many more things.   


So, let’s go through how to shake off the rust and give you easy and effective ways to keep your vehicle running well beyond its years.


General Car Maintenance Tips | Care for Cars


  • Drive Carefully – This is the very first step when taking care of your vehicle. Don’t try and be a speedster, or a show-off. Treat your vehicle with respect and don’t run it into the ground. That limits its potential years and what it can offer you in the future. You get out what you put in.
  • Purchase Engine Protection Spray – This spray will help keep your engine running smoothly for longer periods of time than most. It helps with corrosion prevention, it will de-grease the engine, and it overall cleans it. Combine all of these steps over time and you’re bound to have a much more reliable engine and vehicle.
  • Cover And Put Your Car Up at Night – I know what you’re thinking, ‘’What does this have anything to do with longevity?’’ Well, putting your vehicle up and covering it at nights depending on the season can help with keeping the engine warm and not allowing it to freeze. It can also assist in the amount of debris that seeps through the little cracks. It also helps maintain the vehicle’s color and protects it from being broken into, or damaged by another vehicle.
  • Change Your Oil and Under the Hood Fluids Frequently – This is an underrated step that shouldn’t be underrated. Fluids to a vehicle are equal to blood for humans. It is essentially the life-line for your vehicle. Keeping your car fresh and full during the winter and summer months is important to help with extreme cold and extreme heat. You don’t want your car to be frozen or hot and dry. Here is what AAP (Advance Auto Parts had to say about changing your fluids; ‘’Changing your own fluids can be just the beginning. While you’re changing your fluids and filter, for example, it’s also easy to check the drive and accessory belts, air filter, and spark plugs. That way you can catch simple maintenance issues before they become major repairs or problems.’’ These vehicle maintenance tips will help you keep your car running forever! (Well, as long as possible).
  • Clean and Limit Washes – Always clean dirt and debris off of your car and the insides also. However, over washing a car will over time begin to make the original paint on a vehicle fade. What was once a royal blue, is now a faded blue. Also staying away from car washes helps also. Their brushes overtime take paint away and it’s best to hand wash your vehicle if possible.
  • Consistent Running of The Engine – Imagine you have been laying down all day/week and you decide to one day just break out in a full hard sprint without any stretching or body preparation. Chances are you’ll pull a muscle, sprain something, possibly break something without giving your body the necessary elements needed to complete such a task. The same applies to your vehicle. If you decide one day to start and drive your car after weeks of sitting and not letting it warm up at least, chances are you’re going to cause future damage. Maybe even instant problems.


Summary | How To Take Care Of Your Car


Having a vehicle regardless of the year or condition is a luxury. However, taking it for granted is where we begin to fall through the cracks. Sometimes we overdo it with too much care and sometimes we underdo it with not enough care. The way to maximize a vehicle’s potential is to find an even balance.

The same way if you over wash and clean your body, your skin begins to peel, it begins to get wrinkled, etc. However, consistent regular cleaning keeps your skin clean and fresh. They both require the right amount of maintenance to be well oiled and performing machines.

When we purchase a higher end vehicle we expect it to give us all it has for years to come. Well, the vehicle is also expecting the same in return from us. The only way to maximize a vehicle’s potential is to find an even balance while understanding what to do and what not to do.

Thank you very much for joining us here today. I hope you can use these tips to assist you in your vehicle’s longevity! For more information and great content, stay here! Also, if you are ready to sell your vehicle for instant cash today, visit our offer page now!


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