Car Starts Then Dies | What’s Next?

Car Starts Then Stops, Car Shuts Off

Of all of the things that can make a person unsure in a situation, of all of the things that can drive a person insane and nervous, having car troubles with no definite answer will definitely do it. Having issues with your automobile and not knowing what the problem is at that moment will give you great anxiety. Imagine driving your regular routes on a regular day. You’re coming back from the grocery store, you just left the bank, and now you’re on your way home. You’re driving down a street and then your vehicle begins to sputter, shutdown and stop. You question everything at that moment and try the classic push the pedal method to start it. It turns on and starts running again, perfectly fine. Well, maybe it was just a freak glitch in the system. Your emotions relax and you shrug it off. You’re almost home and then, it sputters and stops once more….

Uh Oh. Houston, we have a problem…

This is no longer the case of a glitch or an accidental run out of gas. This has officially been declared a severe issue that can’t be ignored. The entire purpose of a vehicle is to get you where you need to be and back. If it cannot move or properly operate, it’s now a problem. You quickly check for possibly obvious reasons and solutions, and you find nothing.

The battery is fine, there is a half a tank of gas inside the vehicle, you drive gently so no wear and tear, what could it possibly be? Well, long gone are the days of a vehicles life solely depending on parts and fuel. With newer cars, more and more of life support is CPU based and technology driven. In short, words, if a car wants to shut off at any time, it can. However, that isn’t the case here. You have an older car and simply just need answers….. Quickly. Your car is very valuable to you as you rely on it for the majority of everything. To avoid doing the wrong thing, and making matters worse, here’s what to do when your car starts then dies.

Car Won’t Stay Running? | Here’s What To Do

Always Assume The Worst – Yes, I know this may sound like terrible advice, but it works. Assuming the worst in situations like these prepare you for anything. I understand it sounds unorthodox, but, try it. Assume you may need a rebuilt transmission for a few thousand dollars. You’re strategically convincing your mind that this car is done and that you’re going to have to come out of pocket a lot of money. You may end up only needing a new spark plug for $40. It now makes that feel like a piece of cake and now your moral is through the roof.

Assume It Probably Really Is Serious – I know the above tip just stated a similar tip. However, that was for every situation in general. With specific situations such as this, it can still be something small but assume it is serious because chances are it is. Generally, it may be an alternator, or some connections have gone bad, but that is still serious and should not be taken lightly. Anytime your vehicle will not start and stay on, take it for what it is.

Get Out & Check – This is where many of us fall short when it comes to actually find out the problem. You will never know what the issue actually is until you at least attempt to find out. Imagine you taking it all the way to the mechanic and him charging you $400 when all along it was simply a loose spark plug in the engine. Something that would normally run very cheap. If the problem is not noticeable and seems severe, do this next.  

Drive It To The Nearest Mechanic & Have Someone Follow – The good thing is that since your car will start and drive for a short period of time before cutting off, that means you can save money and drive to your nearest mechanic and not have to tow. The negative part about that is, the mechanic can clearly see the desperation and may try to raise his prices. You have to know the industry rates before going to an unfamiliar mechanic. Trust me, it helps. It is important to have someone follow you so that if and when your car shuts off, that person will be ready with jumper cables or assistance.

I had a similar instance where my vehicle would stop on its own but in this case, it wouldn’t start back up. However, when I jumped it, it would drive for roughly a few blocks before dying once more. I had someone drive behind me all the way to the mechanic miles away while my vehicle proceeded to die 3 times. Luckily, she had cables ready, and we arrived safely.

Summary | Car Starts Then Dies

Understanding your vehicle and the situation is key. No matter how much you think you know, you should always get a second opinion. Most importantly, be safe than sorry. This should apply to everything in life. Yes take risks if needed, but always understand the risks you’re taking. There’s a difference.
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