31 Weird Secret Tips and Advice on Car Selling & Cleaning

So you purchased your first, third, or hundredth vehicle and you’re looking for ways to maintain or bring back that gloss that it used to have, or maybe simply keeping the interior clean. I’m sorry to inform you that tradition is not in your favor. We get excited, begin looking up things like ‘’Best Life Hacks to keep my car clean’’ or maybe ‘’ Car interior cleaning tips’’. Or maybe you have it for awhile and are looking to revive your wallet and sell your car for the maximum cash possible. Well, no worries.


Whatever it is, you must be consistent if you’re going to start. If you want to sell your car, cleaning the interior of your car and cleaning the exterior of your car without proper car cleaning tips and advice is a no go. Worry no longer. Here at 800 Car Buyers were giving you the best ideas and the not usual tips that can and will save you plenty of money when selling your car, while keeping your vehicle clean. Ever wanted to know how to detail a car interior and exterior like a pro? For cheap? Find out below.

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We have the best exterior and interior car cleaning tips for cheap by far!


 Car Maintenance Guide 101 | How to Sell Your Car & Keeping Clean

The colder months are upon us and racing to get even colder! Plantation is vulnerable, conditions are tough, lives at risk, and cars looking dusty and lacking full color. Winter doesn’t have too many negatives with all the beautiful snow and holiday cheer, however your vehicle is a reflection of you, and you need it to stand out among the regular. Check out these car cleaning tips that go year round. Consider yourself a DIY car interior cleaner. 




    Check out these DIY Car Cleaning Tips & Hacks | Genius Tricks to Keep Your Car Clean

  1. Keep your car and windshield bug free with Cola Some of the most annoying things about owning a car is the fact that bugs somehow find a home on some part of your car. Typically the wind, traffic and simply them flying will push them to your windshield and cause them to stick. Leaving you grossed out and looking for a solution. Look no further. Dampen your rag with cola and go across your windshield and it allows you to easily gather up those insects and even road grime. Then even spray and rinse it with water to make it completely smooth. This outside car cleaning tip is a life saver.  

  1. Use a Balloon To Clean Up Dog HairCar Interior Hacks  Often times your awesome pets may shed a little and get pretty active during car rides. Loose hair is bound to spread. Clean up the extra hair by rubbing a balloon around and let it create static electricity allowing you to be able to easily collect  hair.                                                                                                                   
  2. Keep a Trash Can Inside The Car – Yes you read that right. Over time trash accumulates and begins to smell and deodorize the car. Our noses become smell blind and we begin to ignore it more and more each day. Avoid this by keeping a small can with a bag wrapped inside of it that you can empty daily. Keeps your car clean and visitor friendly.
  3. DIY All Purpose Wipes  These are pretty much clear as it gets in terms of steps. However, these aren’t just used for seats, dashboard and arm rest. These can also be used to shine and clean tires for that extra gloss! Stand out today among the crowd with tires stealing the show! This DIY car cleaning tip is one of the most overlooked.


  1. ToothbrushUsing a toothbrush for those tough to reach corners and we all know how hard the cup holder section is to reach. No longer. These clean that area and more with ease! Also, you can use a toothbrush for other cleaning purposes such as exterior car cleaning methods and of course interior car cleaning methods.   
  2. Line Your Cup Holders –  Nobody and I mean nobody has a perfectly clean cup holder without a lining. You can easily use muffin cups to protect your holders from grime, spills, dust, and other forms of debris. They do not take up space and they protect your holders from getting congested. Plus these are also good for putting etc items inside such as pennies, screws, quick things to access without hindering or damaging the items or the cup holder.




7. Get a can of cooking spray for stuck bugs – This car exterior cleaning hack is a simple yet overlooked one. Tired of random bugs and residue getting stuck on your vehicle? Spray one time and it gently comes up. The process is quick, simple, and innovative. This specific step is mostly used in the colder winter months when things tend to stick due to freezing temperatures and getting stuck on the windows. However, the can of spray works for all seasons. Use this carefully a-s you don’t want to ruin your windows or material you spray it on. Quick spray, small spray, pick up. Simple. 




8. Paint Stick- Using a paint stick is a simple yet effective way to get in between those tough to reach areas between your seats and underneath. First spray the area with a cleaner and let it rest and marinate for a few minutes. Then, ,move it side to side while in the cracks and push it to the left or right depending on where you want the trash to end up. This step is pretty much well known however few actually do it. Try it. Judge for yourself and see how useful it actually is as a cheap car cleaning and detailing tool. Not just meant for carpenters and painters. This is a do-it-all utensil.




9. Keep a small box in your trunk – You may be wondering to yourself, ”I like the tips and all, but where am I supposed to keep all these items and still maintain a clean car?” Well, simply obtain a regular small box, stuff all of your car cleaning utensils into the box and call it a day! It keeps them from rolling around and creating noise on every bump and turn.






10. Put a cover over your car – Effects based upon the season

  • Summer/Spring – Keep’s bugs, pollen and dust off of your vehicle, along with bird defecation.
  • Fall – Keeps leaves and other falling debris off of your vehicle and prevents further damage.
  • Winter – Keep’s snow, ice and insects seeking warmth off of your car.
  • Keep your car protected in it’s most vulnerable states. (Snow, Ice, Rain, Hail, Cold, Heat)
  • Also, as a mental aspect, it helps keep thieves and intruders out as acting as a obstacle.


11. Add PLASTIC floor mats

In terms of simply the cleaning aspect, floor mats help dramatically. It keeps rocks, dirt, dust, items, etc off of your main rug. Buying a plastic map is a smart choice due to the cleaning ease it has. Instead of scrubbing and washing your mats with soap and water with the regular texture mats, use the plastic ones to simply wipe off, shake off, and rinse. No scrubbing, no hassle. Everyone hates dirty mats. Especially on the raining wet days.

Using carpet mats is like asking for stains and scrubbing sessions. Take the hassle out and the possibility of that happening with plastic cleaning mats.



12. Clean vents with air – Not cleaning the vents in your car is a very bad choice. So much pollution get’s inside of your vehicle and contaminates the environment without you knowing. Clean your vents at least once a week with a blower and help keep your body healthy along with others who enter your vehicle. Also debugging your air vents once a year is recommended. Here’s what Kwik Fit had to say.

”Many of us leave our air conditioning off throughout the winter months and turn back on when the weather warms up without considering the cleanliness of the air conditioning filters.

Over time bacteria, mold and fungi can build up on a vehicles’ air conditioning unit which can either be odorless or create a bad odor when switched on.

If motorists leave the bacteria in place it can cause sickness and respiratory problems as it gets blown into the cabin of the vehicle and inhaled by passengers.

We recommend that all motorists have their air conditioning debugged at least once every two years to decontaminate the system and kill the bacteria within.”

Be precautions and always clean thoroughly inside of your car.




13. Keep a random bottle of water and towels in your car – Keeping a bottle water and towels with you is very helpful. When all else fails, these are the very basic cleaning supplies that you need. Liquid and absorbent. You can’t go wrong with these.  You don’t always need the fancy cleaning brands and the extra protection labels. Turn back the clock a bit and get down to work with some elbow grease. Old school style.




14. Car Freshener – Everyone pretty much knows this step. It does not get rid of bacteria, it doesn’t physically clean a thing. Consider it like the air freshener product. It will make the surrounding areas around smell fantastic! This along with actual cleaning of the car makes for a mean combo.





15. Toothpaste to Clean Your Headlights – If your car’s headlights are foggy and not bright enough, it’s time to take it to the toothpaste. How to clean hazy headlights? Here’s your answer. The same ones that protect and whiten your pearly whites also restores the plastic cover over a car’s lights to it’s past years. Get a rag, spread it on the rag and begin scrubbing away! And of course, rinse with water. Just like our choppers. You can also clean your headlights with wd40, however this method is cheaper and more effective.



16. Olive Oil for your dashboard – Using olive oil on your dashboard is a hidden car interior cleaning tip and hack. It shines it and keeps moisture into the material instead of drying it out. Ever the song ”Shine bright like a diamond!” Well, olive oil makes sure that song applies to your dashboard and other solid surfaces.


17. Shine Your Car Body With Clay – How To Use a Clay Bar

Somehow someway using clay takes off all the gunk off of your vehicle’s body yet leaves it shining and flawless. This exterior car cleaning for cheap tip is something that is also overlooked yet so effective.  You simply wash your car by hand first, remove as much dirt as possible. Spray it, then gently go over back and forth over the lubricated area. This specific tip is a valuable one. It does not leave scratches or marks like well known cloths and machines. Don’t have a buffer? No worries. Use a clay bar.


Now, once the car is clean and shinning, you have many options you can act on.  Keep it, trade it, or sell it. Selling it would be the best decision overall due to the current state of the economy and of course depending on your situation. If you don’t need to, then don’t of course. However if you’re in need of instant fast cash for your car, then follow these car selling tips below.


Effective and Simple Car Selling Tips For Your Vehicle For Max Cash


There are many first time experiences in life.    

Some hard, some fun & some questionable. Well, this may or may not be your first experience in this area, however if it is, it’s hard.  Finding the right company that will take in your high mileage vehicle which of whom bodywork is banged up with many mechanical problems and give you what you need is almost impossible. Most wont do either of the two. Until now…. There’s only one company who no matter the condition, still gives you top dollar for your high mileage car. There’s only one place who no matter the miles, still gives you the most cash for your used – new vehicle, and that’s us! We’re the right buyers for your old car, new car, damaged car, whatever. We’ll take it.

Many cars over time began to have wear and tear issues, but that doesn’t stop junkyard car buyers. Well, the right ones! Selling your car to Cash For Cars Canada guarantees you the maximum cash possible! Whether you have a clean title, no title, damaged title, etc, we have you covered! We buy defective cars and defective titles. Skip through the in person junkyard car buyers and sell to us. Fast & Free. It’s by far the best way to sell a car yourself, without dealing with the public. 

You may be thinking, ”What paper work do I need to sell my car?” Well, no need for paperwork and hassles. Step into Cash For Cars Canada, fill out the online form and have both become a reality. Here we buy high mileage cars and purchase scrap cars also! Look nowhere else than us. We put our customers first and always put your needs at the top. Long gone are the days of selling a car with 200K miles and getting denied. Long gone are the days of you leaving a shop you thought would buy it and you then searching ”How to get rid of a high mileage car somewhere else?”

Leave the searching behind because we have all the incentives you need.

Now, in order to properly sell your scrap or high mileage car, you should follow these Cleaning tips and tricks on selling your vehicle!

14 Best Possible Ways to Sell a Car Yourself – Places That Buys Cars


1. Clean it. – Places and companies are very fond of having clean vehicles they can put right on the lot without having to scrub and scrub. It also adds to the sell appeal. Would you rather purchase a car from someone with cigarette butts in it, and trash all on the floor? Or would you rather buy a clean and ready to ride car, with the smell of summer inside? I thought so. If you would want that, why do you think they wouldn’t. Regardless if your car is scrap, high mileage, used or new, it’s important to clean clean clean.

The DMV states it like this.

”A clean vehicle will be more attractive to potential buyers, and give the impression that the car or truck has been properly cared for. Before you take pictures of the vehicle or list it online, you’ll need to detail the interior and exterior of the vehicle. If you decide to do this yourself, be sure to:

Wash and wax the exterior of the vehicle.
Clean the rims and tires.
Replace or wash old floor mats.
Vacuum the floor, seats, and trunk.
Clean the ashtrays.
Wash the windows inside and out.”

2. Detail it. – Every little detail matters when it comes to selling a car with high mileage. Basically you need to go the extra mile for many companies. Make sure it’s shining that day.  Make sure it’s buffed, head lights clear, vibrant colors. This step is crucial so don’t overlook it.


3. Smile long and wide (If In Person) – You’ll be shocked at the effects of this car selling tip. No matter who the person is, we all love to be happy and see other positive people. It tends to brighten up the day and maybe lend a extra hand.



4. Detail the interior – Not just clean it, detail it. Steaming your car with soap and water does miracles to hidden seat odors and residue from food that you have gone nose blind to. Take soap. water, and a steamer
and get to work. The effects are remarkable. Kills all smells, makes the seats look appealing with a clean look, makes your car feel new inside. This step is key for car buyers regardless of the condition.
It gives them a reality of the tinder care you’ve given to your vehicle. Also replacing your floor mats works well with the eyes of a potential buyer. Basically, any buyer want’s their potential car
to look like a rental they would get from enterprise. Smell and all. These small things go a long way.


5. Be completely honest in your approach – Nothing turns a potential buyer of your vehicle than dishonesty. No car buyers likes surprises. So, if it has a leak, let them know. If it shakes going over 60, tell them. It gives them a sense of security knowing, ”OK what I am about to buy is exactly what I was looking for. Flaws and all.”


6. Get your car looking awesome! – Yes, I know what you’re thinking. ”You just stated this earlier in the detailing section.” Wrong. There’s a difference in detailing, cleaning and making it look awesome. Simply, take care of your vehicle. Treat it with care and respect. Nothing shines brighter than love! OK, maybe that was cheesy but it’s the truth.


7. Shine your tires – Keep in mind that this specific item is always on display and is a key part to selling a car. I personally would not be interested in a dusty brown wheeled tire, however a shiny white silver tire attracts the eye. All for the low price of soap and water. No special ingredient needed.



8. Get it checked out by your local mechanic – You don’t want for the potential car buyers to accidentally find out the oil level is low or that check engine light is still on (even though in most cases it’s just the O2 sensor) Being prepared is key in the selling process. Don’t get caught with your hands down.



9. Start up your car (Warm Up) – This is a simple trick that many know and many don’t. Before you bring the car in or the person comes to see it, start it, run it. It let’s the engine warm up and allows your car to settle down (limiting noise). It’s very embarrassing for the owner to hear those noises when the buyer is present. Then you have to say that ridiculous awkward line of ”Hmm. That’s a new one. Never heard that.” Don’t risk losing your sale off of that small accident. Follow these tips and succeed in car selling.


10. Price – Whether you are selling to a junkyard, dealership, craigslist, Facebook, whatever, don’t over price. Chances are there’s a reason you’re selling it. Mechanically. If not, still don’t over charge. Put yourself in the searches shoes. Be straight forward and flexible.


11. Add Air fresheners inside – 9/10 times our noses are blind to our own smell (Especially smokers). This goes back to the car rental statement above. Potential car buyers want a good smelling or even blank smelling car. Meaning, either it smells good or smells like nothing, but it cannot smell of an odor. Try something most people like. Mango pack fresheners are great for morals and all.


12. Curb Appeal – Edmund’s has a great list stated like this – ”When people come to look at your car, they will probably make up their minds to buy it or not within the first few seconds. This is based on their first look at the car. So you want this first look to be positive. You want your car to have “curb appeal.”

This is big in terms of a viewer coming or when you drive it to that buyers place.

1. Make sure it’s washed and vacuumed
2. Limit the sounds and dings of the car.
3. Instead of selling just as-is, pay for low cost repairs and sell it as fine or mint condition.
4. Use gloss for the tires, lights, and outer edges.
5. Wash the windows with a nice thick soap and cold water rinse.
6. Use baby wipes to clean the dashboard and leather seat holes.
7. Always have a copy of your wreck records, maintenance records, and payment records.
8. Get it serviced and have a local mechanic do some work before heading out to sell or putting up an ad.



13. Choose the right services and buyers – For a second let’s cancel out selling privately. Take a look into selling to a business that purchases cars, junkyards, and online. Yes, online. It’s a new movement that is far more efficient and effective. There are great services out there such as SellCar.com, Paymaxcarbuyers.com, Cashforcars.ca, and many more! If you’re serious about
selling your used car, damaged car, new vehicle, junk and wrecked car, regardless……. They handle all of the hassle for you.

14. Last but not least, be patient. – No experience is more challenging and rewarding at the same time. Especially in a money crunch. Don’t stress, cry, force anything, or rush. The best deals come to those who wait.


Car selling is an experience that not many are willing and ready to tackle. Whether it’s emotionally, mentally, physically, or anything else, it can be tiring. Be strong and patient in the process. For more tips and advice on everything cars, stay here at 800CarBuyers.



Take pride in your vehicle. It’s how you present yourself daily wherever you go. Everyone wants that lovely, vibrant, smooth look of a car, but few have the discipline to maintain it. Carwash.org list’s their top 3 reasons to keep your vehicle clean.

”1. Using a WaterSavers wash ensures that you are using less water than regular driveway or pavement washing, and that all runoff water is returned safely to the environment.

2. The better the condition of your vehicle, the higher the resale or trade-in value. Depending upon the vehicle, regular cleaning can equate to thousands of dollars in value. Acid rain, road salt, bird droppings and sun damage are just some of the threats to your car’s condition that can be addressed by regular car care. 

3. A clean car looks better and communicates pride. Who doesn’t feel better driving a clean car?”


For more information and tips, stay here for more! To sell your vehicle for the best offer, visit our get offer page now!


Were glad you came. Happy selling!



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