Best Car Cleaning Tips for Car Interior Cleaning


Look, let’s not kid ourselves. We all wish to have that perfect car. You know, the type that is similar to the rental type that happens to be spotless and smells like lavender, or mango. Whichever you like best. Doesn’t matter. What does matter is the process they took to accomplish that. Just because you take the trash out of your vehicle every once and a while and put up an air freshener tree on the rear view mirror doesn’t ensure a clean car. Not by a long shot. In fact, car interior cleaning is not masking the previous odor of the vehicle with a new car smell air freshener.

To you, it may smell fine, but to others who aren’t nose blind, it still carries that smell. The process takes to clean a vehicle is broken down like this. You must first tackle what is seen, then tackle the unseen, lastly clean to prevent stains or odors. If you follow these 3 steps, you will drastically see a change. 800 Car Buyers provides you with some of the best automotive tips!

Along with that, there are ways to clean that most people may not take into account. Ways that can make the job easier and sometimes even more effective. The job doesn’t always have to be difficult. The job doesn’t always have to be traditional. Go out of the box sometimes and experiment with different cleaning solutions, different tactics, different angles, etc. You can tell if someone loves taking care of their car versus someone who does it just to get by. It’s night and day.

Let’s take a look at a few effective car cleaning tips that many may look past.

Interiror Car Cleaning Tips

  • Cleaning Your Air Vents With Makeup Brush – That’s right. Using your make-up brush helps to get inside of the little small holes that fingers and parts that other tools can’t reach. This allows your vehicle to blow healthier and less congested air while driving. Also, they can get very cluttered and begin to look unappealing.
  • Clean Your Cup Holders With Vinegar – Take a little water, vinegar, and baking soda and get up any loose grime or dirt. Vinegar actually takes the smell away and gets up any extra dirt that may be there. From experience, one of the very first things you naturally look at when entering someone’s car is the cup holders. Not to check to see how clean they are but that is the angle most eyes are looking towards simply due to the way people enter.
  • Use Baking Cups For Cup Holders – This trick is very effective and is the part of the process where you clean and now you’re maintaining. Putting one of these in each of your cup holders eliminates future grime and dirt from accumulating around that area. Many people think that the dirt and mess come from the material wearing out over time. Wrong. It comes from drinks spilling inside and other things.
  • The Always Reliable, Baby Wipes – These are by far one of the most essential items in a person’s life. They are used for cleaning many things. One happens to the interior of a vehicle. You can use these wipes on seats, dashboards, technology in the car, steering wheels, etc. Whenever you decide to clean a vehicle, make sure to always have these handy.
  • Toothbrushes Aren’t Just For Teeth – You can use a toothbrush for many interior cleaning sections. These are great for small stains on the seats. Especially cloth seats. All you need is regular soap, water, and your toothbrush. The bristles serve as little workers that diligently work back and forth until the job is done.
  • Keep Your Windows Down – In the hotter seasons, it is very important not to deep wash the inside of a vehicle with the windows rolled up. Not many realize this, however, the humidity in the hotter seasons breaks up chemicals that were in the soap that is now in the seats and other material. When those chemicals break up because of the heat, you now will have a vehicle full of dry cleaning substance that can no longer work effectively. In other words, if you wash your vehicle in the heat, you’ll notice spots on seats, dashboards, etc. That is due to the chemicals not keeping their form. So, always have your windows down. It allows for a nice breeze to complete the cleaning process and the moisture in the air (As long as you’re not in the desert) will continue the process.  

Why Car Cleaning Is Important

Keeping your car clean is always a challenge. However, there are many ways to have fun while cleaning. Turn the music on, listen to your favorite day time show or podcast. Call someone on the phone and Bluetooth them on the vehicle’s speaker. Or maybe even just enjoy the nature that is around you in peace. Whatever it may be, just have fun. Taking care of your vehicle is also important to this process. Without continued car maintenance, your vehicle would break down and there would be no car to clean.

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