Best Tips on How to Get Better Gas Mileage

8 Tips on How to Get Better Gas Mileage


Tips on getting better gas mileage


Have you ever been in a situation where you wish your vehicle could go just a few more miles when you needed it most? Where maybe you simply wish your car had better gas mileage. Maybe you’re just trying to get off on an exit in 4 miles to just reach a gas station. Instead, the low fuel light comes on and then suddenly your vehicle begins to slowly shut down until you’re on the side of the road watching all of the other cars go by. It’s best to hurry and fill up before you cause further damage and then you will be putting in a lot of cash in your car. 


I know the feeling, I’ve been there. However, today we are going to help you. We’re going to go over tips on how to save more gas and be a bit more eco-friendly. Are you ready? Let’s do this. Take a look at these great tips for better mileage!


  • Go easy on the pedal – There have been too many occurrences where a person has a decent vehicle that goes from 0-60 in 5 seconds and then they abuse it. Just because a car can go fast doesn’t mean it should be ramped up every chance you get. Taking it easy and coast more relieves the pressure off of the engine and burns less fuel.


  • Inflate your tires to the proper pressure – This step is often ignored. People usually think that as long as the car can move and the wheels can turn, then the tires are fine. Wrong. If your tires aren’t at the recommended level then you need to fill your tires to the proper level. Driving on low tires increases the rolling resistance on a vehicle. In other words, the harder it is for your car to move due to tires, the more fuel you burn trying to make up that deficit.


  • Stop idling for long periods – Did you know when a vehicle is idling, it consumes roughly a half gallon to a full gallon within an hour? Also, it amazes me why people assume that when starting a car, a good thing to do is to slam on the gas pedal and rev the engine. I look at those same people months from searching for a new car because of that terrible mistake. You don’t ever want to put your engine into shock. Also, it burns more fuel doing that instead of letting it sit for 20 seconds and driving off.


  • Re-fuel in the mornings not evenings – If you refuel in the mornings the petrol deep down in the ground is dense and is actually the amount in terms of gallons that you paid for. In the evening the petrol has expanded and is no longer a full gallon of gas that it once was in the morning. So if you want to get the most for your money and mpg, fill up in the mornings.  


  • Wash your fuel injectors – The same way a penny can go from dirty brown to a strong bronze when left in soapy in water is the same process for your fuel injectors. Just with a different cleaning solution. It replenishes its glory and restores it back to its original condition. This process gives you back the full functionality of these injectors. Allowing for a better and more efficient mpg.


  • Plan your trips out – As I am sure you know, some of the most dreaded moments of driving come from forgotten places that you needed to go, but didn’t. Including, extra trips that were unnecessary. Either way, you’re going to burn more fuel because you failed to plan your entire trip. Planning your trips helps with mpg in a big way because many short trips can consume up to 2x more fuel when combined with a cold engine.


  • Use cruise control – Using cruise control limits all of the starts and stops that we usually do when driving. It gives us a stationary speed which helps with consistency in terms of mpg.


  • Don’t constantly turn your car off and on – I think everyone in the world pretty much knows that turning your car on wastes more gas than people realize. It’s also not healthy for your engine.


Modifications to increase mpg


Basically, doing more with your vehicle that is needed will not turn into a positive in terms of mpg. Treat your vehicle with respect and it will respect you. Treat it with care and it will care for you. Vehicles have come a long way since years back when 20mpg was high. Now we are seeing regulars of 35-50. Vehicles used to not be as efficient as they are now. In fact, they were anything but efficient back in the day. Technology in the 2010s has made the word efficient a household term, with less pollution, more of a move of eco-friendly and overall improved mileage.   


Regardless of the year of your car, whether it is 1960 or 2019, never run them into the ground. Because when you will need it the most, you may have already used it too much. Use the correct oil, gasoline, go easy on the pedal, etc. Car buyers who aren’t ready for this responsibility will quickly learn the hard way.


Thank you very much for visiting us here. I hope you can use these tips to get an overall increase in your mileage and better travel days. For more information and great content, stay here for more!


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