Easy Road Trip Checklist


Cheers to adventure, cheers to exploration, and cheers to the priceless memories. Taking a road trip has so many benefits and amazing potential. The endless sunshine, the warm breeze across your face at 70 miles per hour, and the miles and miles of endless laughter and enjoyment. Whether it is very cold outside, maybe raining the entire trip, or even storming, traveling can always bring a smile to any face. Many people use road trips as a way of escaping the daily hustle and bustle of life. Some use it as a way to finally start their bucket list and get things accomplished. Some use it as a way to face their fears of being away and to finally conquer the open road. Then there are some that use road trips as life meanings.  


Life meanings? Yes. In other words, my past doesn’t determine my future, or where I once was, was just the foundation to my dream. And many more. Yes, it does get that deep. But to each his own. However, whatever way you would like to explain your reasoning for road tripping, we understand. No need to plead your case. We agree that it is absolutely amazing. Many people decide to do a road trip to bring the family closer together and enjoy quality time. Some people are single and do it simply to see the country. Then there are those that road trip to just get away and to remember how peacefully life can truly be.


However, there is one common denominator in all of this. The time it takes and patience.


Many times in our life we come up brilliant, world-changing, innovative, game-changing ideas that would make us a fortune. We begin the idea and project, then shortly after, our attention span grasps us and says ‘’I can’t focus much longer’’. So, we give in. We lose focus and there goes the inspiration. The same effect is something long hours on the road can give somebody if they aren’t prepared for the journey at hand. Here a few road trip tips to get you started and finished.


How To Plan a Road Trip | Long Road Trip Tips


The very first thing you need to have is peace of mind. There’s great value in having peace of mind. In terms of knowing your vehicle is in ready condition to tackle these miles without possibly giving out. It makes you feel more comfortable and confident. It also allows you to focus on and enjoy other things. We all have experienced that moment when you think you feel a little more shaking than usual on this bumpy road. Then you get off the bumpy and it’s still shaking…. You immediately feel an emptiness inside. Well, there goes the trip and the wallet. So, getting the first things first done relieves the stress and worry.


Bring attention keepers.  Attention keepers are anything that allows you to remain focused on the road but also distracts your mind from getting burned out. Music, trivia with the family, sing-alongs, sports talk on the radio, learning a language on the way, etc. Things such as those and many more assist you in giving you the illusion that time is flying by.


Give yourself enough time – One of the worst feelings is taking a trip based on taking your time and not having enough time to take it in. That contradicts itself. Right? Always plan out enough time to actually take your time. A road trip isn’t based on the destination, rather based on the in-betweens and the journey. Allowing yourself time to indulge in the scenery, the small towns in between, the different weather changes, the many cloud formations and much more make the trip worth it. Don’t rush. If you’re going to do a road trip, do it right.


Stop and take breaks – Just because you’re doing a road trip doesn’t mean that it is a sprint to the finish or a marathon. It’s simply driving and enjoying everything on the way to your final destination. Stopping to take breaks lets you and/or the passengers stretch, eat, rest, go places. This also gives your eyes and mind a chance to rest.


Play Travel Games – There is a game you can play where you’re in one state and the driver is challenged to get to the next state without a map or GPS. You can ask around, follow the clouds, anything you want. Just with no digital direction and help. If you get lost, so what? It’s a road trip. Nobody is in a rush. You can take turns switching out drivers, seeing who does the best under pressure. It’s very fun.                       


Bring your best camera – There are too many occurrences where we encounter memory worth moments. Moments that take your breath away. Moments that can be shared decades from now. The only way to look back on these moments in the future is to bring a great quality camera. Not your pocket phone 3MP camera. Before your trip, purchase a decent photography lens and camera and wear it on your neck almost at all times. They come with the quick snap functions that allow you to capture every moment possible.


Finally, expect the unexpected, predict the unpredictable, & have fun – Always travel prepared for the worst. Bring protection, safety kits, survival kits, and an extra tank of gas that you do not touch unless you run out on the side of the road. It is not a leisure tank, it is an emergency only tank. Also, no matter what challenges lie ahead, always remember to have fun and soak in the quality times. I hope these tips will help and assist you on your journey and beyond! Have fun and remember to cherish the good times!

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