How to Pass Your Drivers Test


Most people define stress as a heavy mental load anticipating future events. Some define it as a high level of pressure. Some even define it as turmoil and butterflies in the stomach. I define it as the local DMV driving test. Yes, that is my official definition of pressure and it’s going to be in the dictionary one day…….. Well, probably not. Matter of fact, absolutely not. Regardless, studying for the test, taking the test and waiting for the results is by far one of the heaviest levels of stress a person experiences in their lives. Especially for teenagers. Worry no longer. Today, I will give you the best tips on how to pass your drivers test.

Usually, around the ages of 14-15 teenagers begin the process of becoming independent. Getting their own library cards is a usual start. A part-time job at the local coffee shop after school is another step. Developing an interest in another person and being less around the parents is another. Then there is the ultimate step of obtaining a learners permit.

There is a secret to passing the test on the first try. In most states, it’s usually around 50-60 detailed one answer questions that do not have 2nd chances. There are certain things they do not inform you on. Not to be tricky but to really test how much you have studied and prepared for it. A test is a form of mostly visual questions that are geared to test your knowledge on things you will most likely encounter on a daily basis while driving.

 How To Pass Your  Permit Test

There is usually a mini thick booklet they provide you to study. Here is what you need to know.


  • Road Signs – This is the biggest determining factor due to the number of times they ask you throughout the test. And for good reason. If you don’t know signs while driving, you’ll go into construction zones, road closed ditches, flooded areas, etc. Regardless if you can read, you still have to know the importance and how much weight they carry.


  • State Traffic Driving Laws – Knowing the traffic laws and what to do in certain situations is vital to passing this specific test. This test pushes the boundaries of what you’re used to knowing. Most people think it’s the usual speed limit test, a few traffic light questions and then you’re out. Well, try and think that’s the route and then let me know how the passenger seat still feels. In other words, you’ll fail. You have to know things like the exact distance needed between your car and the next one. Things like exact MPH in this certain zone, the exact color of different things.


  • Specific Answer Based Questions –  There is not one part of the test that is ‘’sneak by’’ material. If you’re going to drive and risk your life and others, you have to understand the severity of the test and be able to answer the questions thoroughly. I am not here to scare you or make you nervous. But would you rather be unknowing going to the test and embarrassed when failing? Or playing it safe, getting drilled and passing with flying colors. That choice is yours.


  • Never Look Around During The Test – For some odd reason, the DMV assumes everyone to the back of you has every answer possible. They will void your test and send you on your way to return another day. Keep your head down and focus.


  • Use The Headphones – They give you the option to take the test without headphones and to just read the questions. Using the headphones allows you to read and listen to the question. Because if you are not careful you can miss a couple of vital words that can change the entire question.


  • Go off of What You Studied – Even if the answer the book gave you doesn’t seem right at all, pick it. This is one test that what’s in the book is always correct. This isn’t a ‘’trust your gut’’ type of test. This is a ”trust your book” type of test.


  • Study, study, study. –  This is where so many people fall short. They cram and then they cram the wrong things. Take one month. Study one section for a week and do the same with the rest of the month. This makes the test seem like second nature come the time. Basically, if you know the book, you know the test. It’s that simple.

How To Pass The Driving Test


Well well well…. If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re prepared. But what they don’t tell you is even the best drivers can fail this basic test. It’s simply based upon fundamentals and not flare or style. You can have the best handles, the smoothest style, the sickest turns, etc. But if you fail to do these simple things during the test, you’re toast.


  • Keep your Hands At 10-2 – Here’s the tricky part. It’s not a requirement but graders favor that look over all others. She/He may subtract points if you don’t do this.


  • Go The Speed Limit – I don’t care if the sign says 5 MPH. If you go 6 MPH, they notice and are very picky about these things. Always be on the lookout for signs. Also, if you are somewhere the speed limit is 40, don’t go 20 trying to be extra safe. They will think you aren’t ready for this level of driving. The whole goal of the test is to see how comfortable and how well you react to different situations.


  • Memorize The Signs While Driving – They won’t tell you beforehand but they will do surprise quizzes on what the speed limit is at the moment after you passed a sign, if that specific sign was construction or a school zone, etc.


  • Know When To Pull Over – You have to know this because this may happen during the test. If a police car has his lights on pull over so he can get past. Same thing with an ambulance and firetruck. They have emergencies to get to. If you don’t pull over, chances are you won’t pass.


  • Finally, Learn to Parallel Park – This is probably the lifeline of your test. It is an underrated step and it shouldn’t be. Practice this step until you can do it with little to no space available.

I hope you can use these tips to your advantage for both tests, and in the future when you’re teaching the younger ones. The world is simply a better place when it’s safe. Thank you very much for visiting us here at 800 Car Buyers. We appreciate you. Also, if you have a car in any condition that you would like cash for, give us a call today!


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